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TargetGHG Supports Net Zero Utility Initiative

The Province of Ontario has announced the first recipients of TargetGHG, a program that helps companies adopt leading-edge technologies in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), while supporting entrepreneurs working on innovative ways to fight climate change.

The province invested $74 million in TargetGHG through the Ontario Green Investment Fund, which is administered by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). One of the two main initiatives is the Industrial Demonstration Program, which supports projects that can demonstrate reductions in GHG emissions resulting from collaborations between industrial emitters and innovative companies providing solutions.

The Industrial Demonstration Program is supporting nine projects, including the water-related Net Zero Initiative, a collaborative effort between the Ontario Clean Water Agency, Suez Water and Process Technologies (formerly GE), and City of Stratford.

The project will create a system to collect and monitor water and wastewater facility information to provide up-to-date information and encourage water conservation. It will use new technology to optimize the existing Stratford Water Pollution Control Plant infrastructure and increase its production of methane gas, by adding compost and food waste. The resulting methane gas could then be converted into renewable natural gas – a clean, carbon-neutral energy source – and fed back into the local gas distribution system.

In terms of outcomes, the Net Zero Initiative will produce a renewable energy source and divert waste from the City’s landfill. The project could serve as a model for other municipalities across Ontario and Canada, many of which have untapped potential to produce renewable natural gas and significantly reduce harmful GHG emissions.

The project will receive $15.5 million from OCE and partners.

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