WaterTAP’s high-energy, passionate team has a record of water sector success.

Rick VanSant

President and CEO

Rick VanSant, ICD.D, is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He served as President and CEO of UV Pure Technologies, an early-stage Canadian environmental technology company, from 2002 to 2018.

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Kerry Freek

Vice President and Senior Manager of Communications

Kerry Freek comes to WaterTAP with a deep understanding of relationships in Canada’s water sector. As the founding editor of Water Canada, a national trade publication, she wrote about water in the context of ecosystem and human health, infrastructure and sustainability, science and technology, policy and governance, and economy.

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Sunny Kumar

Director, Access to Capital

Dr. Sunny Kumar leads WaterTAP’s program to prepare water technology companies to seek and receive capital. He brings more than 10 years of experience working directly with seed and growth stage companies and positioning them for acceleration and attracting capital. 

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Nisha Haji

Director, Change Leaders Lab

Nisha Haji joins WaterTAP with extensive experience in leading public sector innovation labs and large scale systemic change initiatives. 

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Lynne Maclennan

Practice Lead – Large Systems, Change Leaders Lab

Lynne Maclennan is a water/wastewater professional with 25 years of experience. As a Change Leaders Lab Practice Lead – Large Systems,  she supports projects to identify and address barriers to innovation and growth in Ontario’s water sector.

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Kristy Pepin

Manager of Administration

Kristy Pepin brings to WaterTAP more than five years of experience in operation management and organizational leadership.

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Raad Seraj

Manager, Client Engagement and Growth Catalyst Program

Raad Seraj has a strong background in cleantech commercialization strategy for advanced technologies in the energy and water sector. As WaterTAP’s Senior Research Analyst, he is primarily responsible for understanding and disseminating knowledge of the water sector, and working with early-stage companies to create a path to commercialization.

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Josh Chong

Communications Coordinator

Josh Chong has a strong affinity for writing, communications, and building strategy from more than a decade of diverse experiences in marketing, pedagogy, advertising, technical writing, research, editorial work, and creative consultation.

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Cie-Kay Lam

Events Coordinator

Cie-Kay Lam brings more than three years of experience in event management to WaterTAP. She has managed a variety of events, from conferences to community events for non-profit organizations.

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Elisa Cheng

Analyst, Client Engagement and Growth Catalyst Program

Elisa Cheng brings more than 5 years of experience working in the water sector and providing market intelligence, research, and insights for water and wastewater technology companies across North America.

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Ram Pun

Administrative Assistant

Ram Pun is a dedicated and ambitious individual who seeks challenging adventure in everything.

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