WaterTAP, Ontario's Water Sector Accelerator Since 2012,
Will Cease Operations June 30th.

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The Story

Welcome to Ontario. From its global impact abroad and its progressive policies, to its dedicated funding, research, and piloting, Ontario has a highly competitive water industry and a strong record of establishing world-class water technologies.

Stretching from the temperate region of the Great Lakes bordering the United States all the way to the barren subarctic north, Ontario is home to the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Ontario is among the largest provinces of Canada, where one in three Canadians lives in a thriving crossroads of culture and prosperity, blessed with natural beauty and resources.

Ontario’s water resources include a quarter-million inland lakes, rivers, groundwater resources, and four of the Great Lakes of North America. The Great Lakes provide fresh drinking water for 10 million Canadians, and supply the water-intensive needs of industries that produce more than half of the nation’s total manufacturing output. They have helped transform the province into a world-class economic powerhouse.

The responsibility of safeguarding and conserving one of the world’s largest freshwater repositories is a major reason that Ontario has some of the world’s best standards for water and wastewater.

Thousands of people and hundreds of businesses, organizations, research institutions, and government agencies in Ontario create, deliver, and export environmentally responsible and leading-edge water and wastewater technologies, products, and services around the world. This critical mass makes Ontario a global leader in advanced water technologies and solutions, and the global gateway to the vast market of public and private water utilities, municipalities, industries, and organizations in the Americas.

Recognizing Ontario’s growing prominence in developing and exporting solutions, the Government of Ontario created The Water Technology Acceleration Project — WaterTAP — to help connect Ontario companies with the resources they need to successfully enter the water technology markets. WaterTAP strengthens cooperation between Ontario’s public and private water industry institutions and businesses, and champions Ontario as a North American centre of water excellence.

WaterTAP is here to serve the water business — and promote the business of water — to ensure a better world for the next generation. We look forward to working with you.