Three New Additions to WaterTAP Team

WaterTAP is pleased to welcome Nisha Haji, Cie-Kay Lam, and Elisa Cheng to the team.

Nisha Haji joins WaterTAP as the Director of the Change Leaders Lab on a parental leave contract. She has extensive experience in leading public sector innovation labs and large scale systemic change initiatives. Over the last 15 years, Nisha has worked within the public sector as an intraprenuer to navigate and champion innovation. Her work with labs spans across program and service delivery, such as unpacking funding relationships between the province and Community Hubs, to complex social policy issues, such as addressing youth homelessness and the impact of systemic racism on Indigenous, Black and racialized communities.

As Events Coordinator, Cie-Kay Lam brings more than three years of experience in event management to WaterTAP. She has managed a variety of events, from conferences to community events for non-profit organizations. In her role at WaterTAP, Cie-Kay is the primary point of contact for WaterTAP’s event logistics. She assists in the planning and execution of WaterTAP events, including Ontario Water Innovation Week. Cie-Kay also liaises with event partners and delegates.

Elisa Cheng is the new Analyst for Client Engagement and the Growth Catalyst program. Elisa brings more than five years of experience working in the water sector and providing market intelligence, research, and insights for water and wastewater technology companies across North America. At WaterTAP, she leads the coordination of all client-centred databases and performs water research and data analysis to draw insights and create new growth opportunities for clients.

Learn more about the other members of WaterTAP’s team here.

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