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Underwater Robotics Company Opens New Head Office

Ayr, Ontario-based Deep Trekker Inc. is moving to a bigger facility. Beginning as a garage startup in 2010, the company has quickly become a viable international competitor in a variety of markets, such as aquaculture, oil and gas, military, and commercial diving. The company develops affordable, mini remotely operated systems for underwater applications.

Deep Trekker’s underwater drone units have been particularly effective for managing stormwater and irrigation systems. Remotely operated, the vehicles are especially nimble for sites that have few access points, are encumbered by sediment making visualization difficult, or require high costs associated with entire dive teams doing routine inspections. The applications can be custom built to effectively operate within a variety of pipe sizes.

Now selling in 80 countries, Deep Trekker is expanding its development capacity by five times the current size. In order to do so, the company is relocating to a new facility in Kitchener, Ontario.