United Utilities Adopts EMAGIN AI Technology

EMAGIN from Kitchener, Ontario has announced that United Utilities (UU) will deploy its AI technology across the North West of the United Kingdom. Serving more than 7 million residents, this is known to be the largest deployment of AI technology in the region and first of its kind in the industry.

The adoption of the technology will provide United Utilities with a suite of real-time digital capabilities ranging from optimized pumping, burst event detection and minimization of discolouration events.

EMAGIN was one of seven companies selected from hundreds across five continents to participate in the United Utilities Innovation Lab earlier this year. The lab environment allowed for a full trial deployment in a pre-selected area of the utility’s network. After a 12-week demonstration, work began on how to deploy the technology across the network and into other applications.

The goal of the lab was to provide product validation from United Utilities stakeholders and customers, co-location and testing in a live operational control centre environment. After implementing EMAGIN’s technology, HARVI, successfully led to energy savings of over 22% across the Oldham DMZ.

Along with rolling out the technology, both parties are investigating new application areas to deploy the technology.

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