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Water Innovation Leaders Honoured at Clean50 Summit in Toronto

On September 27, the 2019 Clean50 awards celebrated the accomplishments of 50 sustainability leaders from across Canada. The award winners were selected from a field of more than 600 nominees and competed in 16 different categories. Among those celebrated were several leaders from the water sector:

  • Dr. Patrick Kiely: The CEO of Island Water Technologies, which has an Ottawa-based office, was recognized for his work in wastewater. Over the past five years, Dr. Kiely has led his company to design, create, and deliver world-class decentralized wastewater treatment solutions that are self-powered, 75% more energy efficient than comparable systems, autonomous, and effective in remote and hostile regions. Their plants have been deployed by the Canadian military in Afghanistan and to support humanitarian aid across the Sahara Desert. Dr. Kiely will be a speaker at this year’s World Water-Tech North America.
  • George Tsintzouras: The President and CEO of Kitchener-based Alert Labs Inc. was recognized for his leadership in supporting the creation of a series of robust smart sensors that use a cellular connection to provide real-time monitoring and early leak detection. So far, Alert Labs estimates the technology has identified and prevented the loss of 124 million litres of water and saved their customers hundreds of thousands of dollars – including one Ontario school board that saved over $50,000. The growing Kitchener-based company now numbers 30 employees and has product installed in six provinces and seven states. Tsintzouras was a speaker at last year’s Water Innovation in Action. As well, WaterTAP recently interviewed Tsintzouras about Alert Labs’ various successes.
  • Steve Lee: The Executive Director of the 3% Project, Lee was recognized for his advocacy work around climate change, which includes the role that water plays. Through five national tours during which he presented at 600 high schools, Lee and the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship sought to mobilize 3% of the Canadian population – 1,000,000 Canadian youth – for climate action. He has raised over a million dollars for the 3% Project, hosted 32 Sustainable Development Goals Youth Trainings across Canada, and trained 5,900+ students from 77 universities and colleges. Lee will be speaking at this year’s Water Innovation in Action.
  • Peter McArthur: As a Senior Account Manager at Royal Bank of Canada, McArthur was recognized for his role as the clean tech expert at Canada’s largest bank. He manages the banking for 30 different clean tech companies across Canada, and has advocated tirelessly both within and outside the bank for the sector. Primarily, McArthur serves the GTA cleantech sector, including water companies.

The 2019 Clean50 champions selected from the business and non-profit sector have demonstrated innovative approaches and achieved measurable success in fighting climate change. Each has helped Canada shift towards a low-pollution, lower-carbon economy, while building a more prosperous future.

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