Elisa Cheng

Manager, Client Engagement and Growth Catalyst Program

Elisa Cheng brings more than 5 years of experience working in the water sector and providing market intelligence, research, and insights for water and wastewater technology companies across North America. She has over 3 years experience working with clients including C-level executives, Directors, VPs, managers, reps, and end users to uncover business growth opportunities, develop solutions, provide relationship management, support, and onboarding, and create business value and client success outcomes for their companies.

At WaterTAP, Elisa currently oversees and manages the Client Engagement and Growth Catalyst Program. She leads the centralization of all client engagement and client-centred databases and performs water research, market intelligence, and data analysis to draw insights and create new growth opportunities for clients.

Elisa is passionate about making a difference in the water sector, whether it is by promoting water technology innovation, providing networking opportunities and resources to clients, developing solutions to our water supply and quality issues, or by improving people’s understanding of the value of water through education, outreach, and stewardship.

Elisa holds a Bachelor of Science Honours (Environmental Biology) from Queen’s University and a Master of Science (Integrated Water Resources Management) from McGill University.

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