Lynne Maclennan

Practice Lead – Large Systems, Change Leaders Lab

Lynne Maclennan is a water/wastewater professional with 25 years of experience. As a Change Leaders Lab Practice Lead – Large Systems,  she supports projects to identify and address barriers to innovation and growth in Ontario’s water sector.

Lynne has managed a wide range of projects for industry, municipalities and regulators in the UK, New Zealand and Canada. Her areas of expertise include water/wastewater treatment optimization and process design, water reuse, and energy conservation in treatment systems.

Before joining WaterTAP, Lynne worked in water and wastewater R&D, engineering consulting and equipment supply. As a consultant with XCG Consultants Ltd. she worked on municipal Class EAs, capacity assessment studies and industrial wastewater management projects. She also worked on the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Design Guidelines for Sewage Works, the MOECC Water and Energy Conservation Guidance Manual for Sewage Works, a WERF-funded project on using real-time sensors and SCADA for decentralized treatment systems, and the development of two wastewater technology verification protocols for NSF International.

In addition to a good understanding of the selection and approval of water and wastewater technologies, Lynne gained valuable experience in technology development and promotion whilst working as the Industrial Business Development Manager for H2Flow Equipment Inc. (an Ontario equipment supplier).

Throughout her career, Lynne has been an advocate for sharing ideas and knowledge to help decision makers adopt the most effective and cost-efficient solution for their water and wastewater projects, and she looks forward to continuing with this approach at WaterTAP.

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