Nisha Haji

Director, Change Leaders Lab

Nisha Haji joins WaterTAP with extensive experience in leading public sector innovation labs and large scale systemic change initiatives.

Over the last 15 years she has worked within the public sector as an intraprenuer to navigate and champion innovation. Her work with labs spans across program and service delivery, such as unpacking funding relationships between the province and Community Hubs, to complex social policy issues, such as addressing youth homelessness and the impact of systemic racism on Indigenous, Black and racialized communities.

Nisha has collaborated with design agencies and consultants to understand the rigor and principles of labs and has successfully applied them to the policy making process. She has had various leadership roles within the public service, worked with all levels of government and understands how to influence change. Nisha has managed both short-term and longer-term projects with municipalities, professional associations, regional organizations and advocacy groups.

From 2011 to 2017 she was a Director for Ecospark, an environmental charity that (among other programs) runs Changing Currents, a program that teaches young people about watershed science and how to get involved in protecting their local watersheds. Nisha is currently a Board of Director for Service Design Canada and is an active member of the global policy innovation community.

Nisha graduated from the University of Western Ontario, where she completed her Honors Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, and the University of Toronto where she achieved her Masters of Arts in Community Development and Education. The focus of her research was on Ecological Identity and childhood experiences.

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