Raad Seraj

Manager, Client Engagement and Growth Catalyst Program

Raad Seraj has a strong background in cleantech commercialization strategy for advanced technologies in the energy and water sector. As WaterTAP’s Manager, Growth Catalyst and Client Engagement, he is primarily responsible for understanding and disseminating knowledge of the water sector, and working with early-stage companies to create a path to commercialization.

Raad’s graduate research on algae biofuels took him to Wales, Washington D.C., and Oxford University. During this time, he worked on collaborative projects. One project with Toronto Atmospheric Fund analyzed the business case for geothermal systems in high-rise residential units, while a pilot project with Enbridge Gas assessed the carbon footprint and environmental impact of industrial SMEs in the Greater Toronto Area.

Outside WaterTAP, Raad advocates for transformative change within the textile industry through film. He is also a consultant for Endeavour, a volunteer-run management consulting service for non-profits, and the Director of Events at Connecting Environmental Professionals Toronto. With a team of colleagues, he also co-created wtrbox, an intelligent residential sprinkler controller.

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