Ontario Water News

Water Matrix Inc. Partners with Utilis Inc.

Vaughan, Ontario-based Water Matrix Inc. has partnered with Utilis Inc., an innovative water management company based in Israel. The contract grants Water Matrix the rights to North American distribution of the latter’s satellite-based leak detection technology.

This innovative water management tool detects non-revenue water leaks by analyzing spectral images gathered by satellites. Adapted and modified as a result of searching for water on other planets, this technology provides a non-invasive, innovative method to the problem of urban water leakage. Compared to other current non-revenue water solutions available, satellite-based leak detection is more effective at identifying water leakage.

Water Matrix is a creative water conservation company specializing in the drastic water reduction of water consumption in all types of facilities, specializing in multi-residential properties. Water Matrix offers a detailed audit service using proprietary software to provide clients with a detailed analysis of project costs, available savings, and the project payback period. The company’s unique products, extensive knowledge and expertise allows it to provide clients with the most up-to-date products and greatest cost savings.