Evan Pilkington

Senior Manager, Client Engagement

Evan currently works as WaterTAP’s Senior Manager of Client Engagement. For several years prior, Evan held the role of Innovation Lead with a Provincial Agency called the Walkerton Clean Water Centre.

After earning an honours degree in Applied Geography from Ryerson University in 1999, Evan went on to complete post-graduate training in WASH Management for Behaviour Change through Australia’s International Water Centre, participated in McGill University’s Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Management & Governance program, and graduated from the World Bank’s International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET), hosted at Carleton University.

Evan has designed and delivered water management projects for government and private sector clients across North America, the United Kingdom and the Philippines. Beyond his work as a water sector consultant, he has worked for Dr. Jane Goodall to assist with a rural environmental capacity building program while living in Tanzania, East Africa, and has built a progressive non-profit organization (BlueW.org) dedicated to municipal tap water promotion.

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